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Based in Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales which is located between Builth Wells and Newtown but covering the whole of the UK – I specialise in drone photography and video and hold the required insurance required to operate commercially within the UK.

Drones can be used for aerial photography and video allowing you to capture content from angles that you just couldn’t get from the ground. But drones can be used in more specialist areas such as roof inspections which can often be expensive, time consuming and carry higher risk compared to using a drone. It is even possible to fly an exact route and then repeat it again at a future date, useful for things such as documenting the progress on a building project or monitoring land over an extended period of time.

Drone Services

We offer a number of services using our fleet of drones. We operate within the CAA guidlines for drones, and hold the required insurance for commercial operations.

Imagine scaling dizzying heights without breaking a sweat, capturing breathtaking visuals from impossible angles, and inspecting delicate structures with eagle-eyed precision. This isn’t a superhero’s domain, it’s the reality of drone technology applied to photography, videography, and roof inspections.

Picture Perfect Perspectives

Gone are the days of grainy, distant shots or clunky scaffolding blocking the view. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras whisk through the air, capturing stunning aerial photographs and videos all without costly scaffolding or other high access equipment.

Efficiency at Every Altitude

Time is money, and drones understand the language of both. Forget the slow, laborious setup of traditional methods. Drones can survey vast areas in a fraction of the time, covering roofs, construction sites, or event grounds with remarkable speed and agility. This translates to quicker project completion, lower costs, and happier clients.

Safety Soars to New Heights

Scaling precarious rooftops or navigating treacherous terrain are risks no one should take. Drones eliminate the need for human exposure to danger, sending their robotic eyes where it’s simply too risky for us to go. This not only safeguards lives but also allows for thorough inspections of even the most challenging areas, ensuring structural integrity and preventing potential hazards.

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