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If you have a property that has a leaking roof, being able to see it is part of the process to resolve it. If you don’t know what you are dealing with, you can’t plan. Yes you could climb up on a ladder, or view from another property, but these are all less than ideal, not to mention some of them are safety risks.

This is where our Aerial Roof Inspection​ service comes in handy. With our fleet of drones, we are able to safely fly giving you the view from above you need. All our flights are insured and also comply with the UK CAA commercial flight regulations. Often a flight can be done by the time you unload a ladder and set it up. So doing it by drone is not only quick, but it’s a lot safer.

Why use a drone for aerial roof inspections?

Using drones for roof inspections has a lot of advantages:


  • Safety – This being the main advantage. Sending a drone up to check a roof is a lot safer hen sending a person up.
  • Fast – A roof inspections using a drone could be done in a fraction of the time it would take to do it using ladders.
  • Better Access – Given a drone isn’t restricted to going where a ladder allows, means it can get unique and close up views of the problem.
  • Data Capture – The drones we use have a camera onboard, meaning we can take photos and/or videos allowing you to view these off site helping to plan the work needed.
  • Piece of Mind – As we can capture images and video, you can show these to your client so they can see exactly what the issue is.

Drone Roof Inspection Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes we are. We follow the CAA regulations on what can and can’t be done with commercial drone flights. Our equipment and knowledge allows us to operate in built up areas such as towns, housing estates and commercial parks. Prior to any flight, a location review will take place to make sure the flight can be carried out in a safe manor. 

Yes we are. We have the required drone insurance cover that is required when operating drones commercially within the UK. 

We fly within the rules set by the CAA which allow us to fly up to 120 metres from where we take off and if it is safe to do so. 

Most of the time we will be flying a lot lower than that to capture what we need.

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